Sally and I have been married for forty-nine years and are still best friends.  We love Jesus, our kids and our grandkids, non-shedding dogs and a good bowl of ice cream!  I love to hunt, hike and experience anything adventurous!  Sally loves a quiet day, a good book and browsing in antique stores.  We got engaged on an outreach to Jamaica, while standing in a food line with three hundred other noisy students.  Not very romantic, but I was in love, we were going to be separated for two months on different teams, and I didn't want to "lose" her to another guy.  So I wrote Sally a note while standing there in line.  It said, "I love you. Will you marry me"  She fell for it!  And here we are, almost fifty years, two kids, two grandkids, numerous pets, and countless air miles later, more in love than ever.  After living in Kabul, Afghanistan and Amsterdam, Holland for more than 20 years, Sally and I discovered that we are most fruitful in doing three things: making disciples, training leaders, and planting churches.  We love serving God.  We never cease to be amazed that God uses us.  As a "mother and father" in the Lord, we feel we are entering the best years of our lives.

Our calling is to help people discover their gifts and passions and utilize them to spread the worship of Jesus where He is least known.  We have gone to the hard places of the earth to tell people about Jesus, and now we are called to ask others to do the same.  And when they do, we promise not to forget them when they get there!

That is why we started All Nations.  All Nations is a movement of churches partnering with other churches to ignite disciple making movements.  We share and study God's Word, worship with abandon, embrace adventure, and love to see the gospel’s amazing transformative power at work in and through our lives.  

We are committed to three core values that guide everything we do:  to love and be loved by God,  love the world we live in, and love one another.  We recognize we are not able to serve God solely by the authority of our positions of leadership and ministry, but rather, by modeling and carefully passing on our core values.

At All Nations we equip others to go.  We run discipleship and church planting schools, Jesus Retreats and service years for Christ.  Our churches are spread out in 35 countries on every continent.  There are three All Nations sending hubs located in Cape Town, South Africa; Kansas City, United States and Tainan, Taiwan.  From these hubs we serve and coach our workers and send disciple making teams to catalyze church planting movements.  The lost and neglected of this world consume our attention.  We long for them to find hope in our incredible Savior.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Jesus worshipped by all the people's of the earth!  We want to see out of human control, Holy Spirit catalyzed movements like we read about in the book of Acts.

Our Mission

Our mission is three fold: we disciple people, we train leaders, and we help catalyze church planting movements, especially where Jesus is not yet known.

Sally and I have been involved in spreading the good news of Jesus since we were married in 1967.  Now, we get to be spiritual grandparents to those who are called to the front lines, passing on the many lessons we have learned over the years.

We mentor younger leaders in our movement, helping them to keep their passion for Jesus and His purposes in the earth alive.  We invest in those who are teachable and we serve those who are pioneers in our movement.

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