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Sally and I have been married for almost forty years and are still best friends. We love Jesus, our kids and our grandkids, non-shedding dogs and a good bowl of ice cream! I love to hunt, hike and experience anything adventurous! Sally loves a quiet day, a good book and browsing in antique stores. We got engaged on an outreach to Jamaica, while standing in a food line with three hundred other noisy students. Not very romantic, but I was in love, we were going to be separated for two months on different teams, and I didn’t want to “lose” her to another guy. So I wrote Sally a note while standing there in line. It said, “I love you. Will you marry me” She fell for it! And here we are, almost forty years, two kids, two grandkids, numerous pets, and countless airline miles later, more in love than ever.

After living in Kabul, Afghanistan and Amsterdam, Holland for more than 20 years, Sally and I discovered that we are most fruitful in doing three things: making disciples, training leaders, and planting churches. We love serving God. We never cease to be amazed that God uses us. As a “mother and father” in the Lord, we feel we are entering the best years of our lives.

Our calling is to help people discover their gifts and passions and utilize them to spread the worship of Jesus where He is least known. We have gone to the hard places of the earth to tell people about Jesus, and now we are called to ask others to do the same. And when they do, we promise not to forget them when they get there!

That is why we started All Nations but that is another story!


  1. Floyd you have impacted my life so much through your book and teaching. It has brought healing and inspiration to me and I am who I am today because of the gift that God has gifted you with.
    We met at Maika’s wedding in Kansas.
    God bless and God continue to flories your ministry.

  2. hi, need to contact Floyd by email (not on facebook or Twitter) re Pan African CPM summit so could you give me an address.
    Thanks. David Christmas. steering committee secretary and prayer convener, Australia

  3. I just wanted to add some encouragement… I was in Morocco about 1973… you taught there… it was life-changing for me… I have since lived through a divorce, death of a spouse & some huge financial setbacks… your teaching was always a certain stronghold as I grew in understanding… thanks for your solidity… I can never express my gratitude… we shared a meal there… probably a thing you don’t remember, but I do… thanks…

  4. A friend of mine in Bloem wants to contact you . Please can you forward your phone details Thankyou

  5. Sir, I am the director of “HHH” (Helping Hands for Handicapped). I am Sena from India. We serve the ministries, churches, schools, houses and different people to translate and proofread or recheck their words (written and recorded) and websites into our languages, Korean, Hebrew, Greek, French, Turkish, Nepali, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Urdu, Punjabi and many other languages.
    If you need any assistance please feel free to see http://indiahhh.webs.com/

    Thank you

  6. Dear Floyd

    I have sent this message to All Nations as well but got no reply yet.

    My name is Morne and I am the missions coordinator of the Sunward Park Community Church in Sunward Park (a Afrikaans Dutch Reformed Church in Boksburg with about 3000 members). I am one of the 4 full time missionaries of this church. I am working with Open Doors field operations in Africa. I have been working for many years with YWAM students in Sudan and I have been involved with training students at the DTS in Wadi Natrun in Egypt many times.

    We, at our church, are planning our missions month for August 2012. Our theme is: “Whatever it takes”. What is the possibility of being able to conduct 2 full morning services for us on Sunday the 19th of Aug? With the focus on missions of course and talking about All Nations. It would be great if you can speak in the evening during our Revolution (youth) service as well.

    Please let me know of the possibility of visiting us. We will be responsible for all your costs. We can have a more thorough discussion on your positive reply.

    Together in Christ

    Morne Ras

  7. Hi Floyd, I work with YWAM on the Gold Coast in Australia. Craig Merriman from 30 days said to drop you a line while over here in South Africa. We are currently at the Worcester base doing the FMS (Family Ministry School). We will be finishing on the 6th of April and were looking at having a look around this beautiful country. Craig mentioned that you are a hunter and so am I. I was wanting to go for a shot if I got the opportunity but don’t know where to start was wondering if you had any suggestions for me. Also was looking to have a bit of a holiday with the family my wife and 3 kids if I could combine the 2. Just looking for some ideas if you have any. If you come this way or you are at home around that time we would love to meet with one of our father of the mission. Thanks for your time, Darcy

  8. Thank you for sharing your life and your love. Pray that God will help me to do the same without shame, as co-worker amongst many rather then a lone ranger. You example inspires me to connect to others in order to receive.
    In fact I belief seeds were sown during 1987 EO jongerendag, that I only watched on TV and I was definately more impressed by Charlotte’s song “only love is the answer” then your sermon or speech or whatever. I can’t remember what it was about (should be love ;) ). Thank you for your labor amidst our nation that has lost contact with its creator. Pray that I may help bear witness to His name towards my wife and children and Lord willing to many more, for the glory of his name and the salvation of the whole of creation – in line with Acts 2.

    Your sincerely in Christ


  9. Dear Floyd, had an experience in YWAM many years ago and experienced a Father’s touch when you ministered in Durban probaly now some 30 years ago- My wife- Margie and I are looking to the Lord as to anew season ahead which may include a relocation to Cape Town- Do like what I see on your website and links- Can we possibly connect? My e-mail add brydalm@excellife.co.za- Cheers

  10. Hi Floyd. I’m writing from YWAM Worcester.
    In July we are running a School of Apostolic Pioneering, which is going to be lead by a team from YWAM Las Vegas.
    Would you consider coming and sharing something on Contextualized Ministry? It could be for as long as you are available and/or willing, in the week of July 23 – 27.

  11. I am so happy to tell that when you people were in Amsterdam I remember it like the day of yesterday, your book the father heart of God and your prayer for me has made a deep inprint on my heart and my life. I am a mum of an 18 and 14 year old boys and they serve God.

    Pray for God favour and blessing to continue in your life.
    Yours sincerely

  12. Shalom! Dear Father Floyd – I am not sure how to address you as we have not met in person, but I have attended your ( and Phillip’s) Church leadership Experience in Pretoria, this past weekend.

    I want to start by thanking you for two major things:
    1) For making our Invisible God so very visible for us all to see!!
    2) For calling out my gifting and the calling on my life. The Holy Spirit has been dealing with me according to Revelations 2:17 that I have a new Name and on Thursday in the course you confirmed what the Holy Spirit has already said to me. My new name is HOPE and that I should speak Hope into the lives of others…especially broken women!

    Now I need to ask a favor> A friend that goes to All Nations with Phillip has started a women’s ministry called Abigail Faith Ministry. We want to equip the saints for the work of ministry and disciplemaking. My focus in this is to especially give direction to women concerning their motivational / redemptive gifts as well as their gifts concerning the ministry. I have done a lot of research and can not find the one “strategy” that will best assist in identifying the value ( gift) of the model.

    I have looked at Don and Katie Fortune’s work, at Rick Warren’s work as well as Arthur Burk’s work on spiritual gifting.
    Could you give me direction on what you think is the best ”tool” to use ( apart from the Holy Spirit) that could identify it for the women??

    Many many thanks

  13. Dear Floyd
    I’m a good friend of Florian Hoenisch and Stefan Lingott from Germany. I’m now for two days in Cape Town for business.
    It was a pleasure for me to visit you.
    Coul’d it be possible Sunday or Monday at any time?

    Tanks for a note

  14. Where do you guys call home now? We are also starting up a ministry with a pastor in Kampala Uganda that is primarily mentoring/fathering. Have always had a heart toward discipleship. Loved your posts!

  15. not sure that will get you to the website…there’s a link on FB

  16. I bought your book, Living On The Devil’s Doorstep, at a church friend’s yardsale last week. I can’t put it down! I am learning so much from it, and I just wanted you to know that.

  17. Hi Floyd and Sally. Hope to meet you someday. I’m at a crossroads, (or is it a T-junction?) of my life. I’m sooo frustrated with church, and I do not mean a particular denomination. but in general, the way wo do, or play, or whatever, church. I read your book ‘You see bones, I see an army’ and it spoke to my heart.
    I need to know how go about making disciples. This may sound weird but I’ve been involved in my church for many years, doing all the ‘right’ stuff, singing the ‘right’ songs etc etc. But I’m not so sure that this is what God intends me to do. The solutions to problems and issues that people have does not rest on the ability of the preacher to perform on a Sunday! People do not want to come to church because they feel that they must first ‘come right’,whilst I believe that must come, just as they are, with all their issues!. I don’t think the church as it stands today, can really accommodate them.
    Am I right? You need not really comment on what I just said because of the book, but I would like to hear from you.

    Leon de Jager
    South Africa

  18. Hi there, I’m sorry to not answer sooner. I won’t be able teach for you…be blessed! Floyd

  19. hello sir!

    I heard allot about your organisation. and your books are amazing! I have a question to ask, I am moving towards south Africa( cape town) because of my girl friend! but my question to you is, are their training’s in your organisation and changes of getting a job? Cause I have a hearth for people and for doing the work of the Lord!

    God bless


  20. Hi

    I am looking for your dvd on “Roots & Fruit of Pride”. Please can you let me know where I would be able to find it.

    Thanks so much

    It’s available from info@ywampublishing.com

  21. Hi Faith,

    So nice to hear from you and be in touch. Thank You for all the news. Sally and I love living in Cape Town and enjoy leading our ministry called All Nations.

    We have two children, Misha and Matthew, Misha is married to Lionel and we have two beautiful grandchildren ages 11 and 10, Kezia and Luke.

    Please feel free to write to me or Sally at our personal email addresses, Floyd.McClung@Gmail.com and Sally.McClung@Gmail.com.

    Thanks again for writing,

    Love from both of us,


  22. I just finished reading your book ‘Living on the Devil’s Doorstep’ and I wanted to let you know that seldom have I been so inspired by a missionary biography.
    It really moved me.
    Martyn McGrath

  23. Good day, Sally & Floyd! A BOLD ask: would it be possible to make an appointment with you? We have the privilege of reaching out to women involved in prostitution in Cape Town and surrounding areas, with the Message of Hope in Jesus. I would consider it a privilege learning from you!

  24. Love that the first word in this great ‘ministry statement’ is ‘Sally…” and not “I”. Yup, just love it. So does the Lord. So does my darling wife. It really says it all. Bless.

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