More Creepy Crawly Things

As I wrote about earlier, I don't like creepy crawly things!!  I killed a good-sized scorpion in the living room last night!  Even after I'd killed it, its tail kept trying to attack.  I'm glad I found it before our dog did.  She'd have probably thought it was something to play with and would have gotten bitten.

Then I killed two more creepy crawly things in our bedroom right before going to bed.  That always makes you relax and sleep better!!  The day before I'd found a giant spider on my pillow......right beside where I'd been sleeping.

We've had very hot weather.  I think they're coming inside to try and find a cool spot.  I just want them to stay outside where they belong!

Mark 9:48 talks about "where their worm does not die."  I hope that's not here!!