Reflecting on an interaction with a "Masi" Resident today…

A Reflection About an Interaction With a Resident of Masiphumelele, a A Community of Beautiful People We Seek to Serve - Written by a team member named Karen Strickland

"I've been living here on these wetlands for twelve years now. We have been forgotten and overlooked. People come in here and raise our hopes then we never see them again. More people come in later and the same thing happens. "

When I told her to not give up hope she agreed and then I told her that even if she feels that people have forgotten about them, God will never forget her. She agreed wholeheartedly with this. She said that us coming there today gave her hope again. I think the fact that we would even dare to walk the filthy, muddy maze was an indication to her that we cared enough to come and presence ourselves in their midst