A Memorial for Nkolo

The paragraphs below were written by Inesa, one of our team members. She wrote it as a memorial for Nkolo, who died a few days ago of AIDS.


A member of one of our short term outreach teams, Ella, has spent the last 3 weeks ministering at an AIDS hospice. She mostly spent time with 2 ladies. One was released today as she was better and her family was there to get her. The other lady came to faith in Jesus a few days ago. Ella went to read Psalm 27 to her and while she was reading the lady passed away. She was alone - there was no one to inform about her death.I was so touched by the fact that Our Father would not forsake her but would send her someone from afar to be with her in the last 3 weeks of her life. I have written a little " sketch" about this lady. I don't know her name so I have called her Nkolo. She died while listening to Ella read Psalm 27 to her...though she was alone she was not forgotten.

" My name is Nkolo, I have lived in the Cape all my life. My family has moved away and all those who were close to me are dead. I am 68 years old, ill and alone