Church Is Gospel Is Community


I wanted to drop you a short note to share the main thing on my heart right now. It comes out of our struggle to be a loving community. We are learning to reach across the barriers that naturally separate us: race, age, gender, poverty/affluence, nationality...

The racial and poverty barriers are the hardest ones for some members of our community to cross over, I know it is a challenge to me. It is easy enough to share the gospel, but to share our homes, our lives, our time and friendship with each other is another matter.

This has led me to reflect on the relationship between humility and community and gospel intentionality. Africa cannot and will not truly experience the love of God without people reaching out across the barriers that divide them, should I say, the barriers that divide us.

Rather than try and write all my thoughts here, I am attaching my teaching notes for this morning's CPx class; CPx is our leadership school for church planters.

I pray for you as you seek to find a loving community to be part of, and I hope it is a community of people who are learning to build deep friendships with each other and those who don't yet know Jesus.



Read the Notes here.