Our Kids Made NBC Evening News

Hi, As a proud father and mother, we have to tell you about our daughter and son-in-law :) being featured on the NBC Evening News in the United States. Lionel and Misha started an organization called "Giving Anonymously." It was featured as one of the news items on the NBC evening news with Brian Williams, Sun. eve., in the segment called "Making a Difference." It was filmed last week, and shown last night. Click here if you would like to see the clip.

God has blessed what they have been doing. Lionel, our son-in-law, was recently mentioned in a New York Times article, and they were interviewed for NPR (national public radio) recently too. In the year or so that the program has been running, about $200,000 has been given thru it. We pray that this media attention will prompt more giving. We thought you would like to share our joy and pride!

Kind regards,

Floyd and Sally McClung