Check Out CPx!

Leadership and Church Planting Training in Cape Town, South Africa

Four days ago 41 students from 9 nations graduated from our leadership and church planting training program called CPx - located in Cape Town, South Africa. 24 of the graduates are joining my wife and I full time to plant more churches in Africa. Others are entering the market place or returning to work with their local church to make disciples that make disciples. If you want to learn more about All Nations or the CPx curriculum, click here. If you attend CPx, here is what it will do for you:

CPx will do the following for you:

  • Encourage you with creativity and confidence to discover new expressions of missional church
  • Empower you with practical tools to initiate spiritual conversations and make disciples
  • Envision you to dream about how to utilize God's gifts and passions in you to serve the poor
  • Enlighten you with insights into how to ignite movements to Christ that transform people's lives
  • Equip you to be a simple church planter
  • Engage your gifts and callings to grow and become more effective

That's what CPx can do for you, but more importantly, CPx points you in a whole new way of doing church, and that is to do it for God! We believe that church and mission exist because worship does not exist for many people. We do it for Him to receive glory and for the broken and lost of our world to receive mercy. Our church is for others, not for ourselves. But in living this way, we find God receive's more glory and we receive more blessing. He is the goal and we are beneficiaries. All Nations Cape Town believes passionately that church is an overflow of the love that exists between the Father, Son and Spirit, through us, for others.

When you attend a CPx you don't learn about church planting, you join us as we do church planting together, in the communities, among the people. There is a curriculum and lots of great teaching and discussion, but every week you get a chance to put it into practice, to see it really working in people's lives! It is not theory you learn, but a way of life!

If you have a burden to reach the unreached, be engaged with the unchurched, to bring justice and hope to disenfranchised and the poor, CPx is for you!

If Cape Town is too far away, or our start up date of February 7 doesn't work for you, check out CPx in the United States here.

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