How Will I Decide Who to Vote For?

How do we decide who to vote for at election time? I look for the person who's morality includes the widest range of bIblical concerns regarding morality and justice and peace. Biblical immorality includes lust for power, ungodly war, economic exploitation of the poor, support for evil industries (pharmaceuticals, tobacco, etc., who push expired and cancer causing products on third world poor), hatred, sexual impurity in and out of the church, arrogance, greedy lobbyists, self-righteousness, ethno-centrism, racism, and attacking people personally instead of dealing with the issues.

I refuse to jump on political band wagons or use naming calling. i refuse to give my allegiance to any political party. I look for humility, compassion for the poor, a conciliatory approach to other nations, respect for the family, civility in political dialog, and the widest range of biblical morality.