New Testament Prayers

Prayers in the New Testament for the Lost

I Timothy 2:1-4 - For all men, for Kings, those in authority

II Timothy 2:24-26 - For those who oppose the gospel to repent

II Timothy 4:14 - That the Lord would repay Alexander the coppersmith for his works

Matthew 6:10 - God to rule on the earth -everywhere! - a missions prayer

Acts 28:8 - For Publius to be healed

John 17:20 - For unbelievers to come to faith through the disciples

Matthew 6:12 - For those who trespass against us

Matthew 8:2 - The prayer of the leper to be healed

Matthew 8:5 - The supplication of the Roman -- centurion

Matthew 8:28 - For deliverance of the demonic

Matthew 9:27 - Plea for mercy of the two blind men

Matthew 15:22 - The Canaanite woman pleading for mercy

Matthew 17:15 - The demonized boys' father

Matthew 20:30 - Two blind men crying out for mercy

Prayers in the New Testament for the Spread of the Gospel

Matthew 6:10 - For God