A New Land and Home

Leaving home, family, friends, your country, your security - I've done it before, but I don't think I can say it becomes "easy" because it's happened before. In the 7 very intense months we had of preparing for our move to South Africa, God's grace was certainly there each step of the way. There was almost a physical under-girding I could feel from the Lord.

On the flight from the U.S. to South Africa, as we were flying across the ocean, I felt an incredible sense of insecurity. It surprised me. It was as if everything known and familiar was gone (I'm sure saying goodbye to our grandkids on the phone didn't help) - and there was a big emptiness of the unknown. This, too, seemed almost physical and very huge.

I was able to immediately start talking to the Lord about it. His presence and comfort was so real and close at 35,000 feet!!! He is such a rock and security. I'm so grateful for His faithfulness.

There's still a lot of "unknown" things, but I know the One who will work them out. I'm sure His grace will be equally abundant on this side of the ocean.

So at age 58 and going thru things I've done before, I'm finding it all new and different......but God is the same. I'm so thankful for that.