A Different Thanksgiving

While our friends and family were eating turkey dinners, watching Macy's parade, and arguing over football games.......we had a different kind of "celebrating" here in South Africa. There was nowhere to go for turkey and dressing, but we decided to take an American friend to lunch. We went to a quaint cafe at a vineyard nearby.......nestled up in the hills with a view of the ocean. We enjoyed the fellowship, and agreed that we have so much to be thankful for!

It's only been 8 months since we returned from a visit to South Africa and made the decision to move here. We would have never dreamed that our home would sell in less than 24 hours, that we could sort everthing/get packed up/sell things/and be out of our home in about 5 weeks. We would never have thought that we could get everything done for moving internationally......including the very involved visa application process......and be back here in South Africa in 7 months.

After we returned from our lunch, a neighbor called. She's an American lady married to a South African man. She had made pumpkin pie and had 2 pieces for us. Such a special touch to our first Thanksgiving away from the U.S.! We enjoyed every yummy bite. :}

I couldn't help but think with nostalgia about previous family Thanksgiving celebrations, but I couldn't be sad because my heart was filled with such gratitude. God is so good and has been so faithful to us!

"I will magnify Him with thanksgiving." Psalms 69:30