The Mighty Winds

"The wind blows where it wills, and you hear the sound of it."  John 3:8

That could have been written about Cape Town!!!  They told us about the winds when we were preparing to move here.  They call them the "Cape Doctor" because they blow so often that they keep the air quality clean and clear.  The air here is lovely and fresh.

We've been here long enough that we know what they're talking about now.  The wind blows and blows and blows!  And then it blows some more.  It blows loud!  It blows so strong you think the house will blow down.  It blows away everything you don't have anchored down outside.  And if you're outside, it blows you too!

Dec. and Jan. are supposed to be the windiest months, and we hadn't had much wind yet.......but then... wham!  It blew enough the last few days to make up for it.  In the summer the winds blow one direction (from the southeast) the winter another (from the northwest).  People build their houses (and decks for warm weather use) accordingly.

I actually quite enjoy all the different weather patterns here.  The weather changes continually - sometimes several times a day.  The variety is fascinating.  The home where we're house-sitting right now is on the side of a mountain overlooking the valley.  I love watching all the weather patterns move through the valley.

When I hear the winds begin to blow........I just think of the creator of the winds, and rejoice in His goodness in bringing us to this land of mighty winds.  I pray, too, that the winds of His Spirit will blow mightily across this land!!