Should We Love Muslims or Pray Against Them?

One scholar is predicting a clash of "Christian" and Muslim civilizations in the future, with inevitable victory being won by the more "dedicated" and persistent Muslim forces.

Others see Muslims as our enemies right now: "They are all terrorists at heart," they say.

Conservative Christians believe Muslims and Christians pray to different Gods, and that the true God does not hear a Muslim when he prays.

What do you believe?

Many followers of Jesus believe a proactive way to respond to the growing influence of Islam is to fast and pray during the month of Ramadan, the 30 day period each year when Muslims around the world fast and pray from sunrise to sunset. Learn how to be part of this world wide prayer movement at this website: l. If you would like help thinking through these issues, or just some practical advice on how to reach out to Muslims, I recommend you check out this link today.

A helpful book on Islam is written by Carl Medearis, titled Pillars and Prophets. Carl lived in the Middle East for over ten years and offers insights into Islam without fear or prejudice. You can order his book for $10.00 US, plus $3 for shipping and handling. Order it at: