Our Furry Friend

Floyd loves dogs!  We've had a dog for most of our (soon-to-be 40!) years of being married.  Some I've liked, most I've tolerated....because I love Floyd. :}  Our current dog is "Sossy."  She's a sweet, fun, affectionate Airedale terrier.......not too big, but big enough so that Floyd doesn't think she's a "pretend" dog.  I think I like her almost as much as Floyd does.  She's a real sweetheart.

When we knew we were moving to South Africa, we faced the decision about what to do with Sossy.  She's only 3 years old, so she probably will live a good many years still.  Floyd has trained her well, so we hated to begin all over again with a puppy.  After much thought, discussion, and, yes, prayer......she came with us.  We're very happy about that.  She's like "family"......and is a sweet touch of "home."  Everyone loves her here, and she helps us meet new people.  There aren't many like her here, so people are always stopping us when we're out walking and asking us about her.

Unusual birds called guinea fowl roam the neighborhood here.  They can fly, but most of the time they walk around - in the street, in the yard.  They are funny shaped round birds with tiny little heads - very strange looking.  They can also be very annoying when they peck at your door, incessantly!!, wanting food.  A few times Sossy has been outside when they've been around and has chased them.  Now when they see her, they run. :}  It stopped the pecking on the door problem!!

Sossy loves to go for prayer walks with Floyd on the beach.  She treats the sand like snow.....getting her nose under it and flinging it in the air.  She also loves to run and run on the long beach.......as well as play with other dogs.  But she has stayed away from the water.

We were recently away for a few days, and some friends took care of Sossy.  One morning she fell into their swimming pool.  She was swimming, but crying........when they came out and rescued her.  She was really scared.  Needless to say, she's not a water dog!

She has become a protective, good watch dog too.  We hadn't seen that side of her before we moved here.  When Floyd is away, she steps this up a notch and feels she has to watch out for me!

Our sweet, furry friend is having her own African adventures!  If she could talk, I think she'd tell you that she loves living here.

"Whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name."  Genesis 2:19   I wonder what Adam would have called Sossy!  Maybe something like, well, "dog." :}