URGENT: Photos and letter from Floyd

CPX-001.jpgDear Friends,

The relief work in Red Hill continues. As you read this we are completing the task of getting all of the 72 families in the two burnt our settlement camps into a shelter so they are out of the wind and rain. The people did a lot of work themselves but we supplied about R100,000 of building materials, including wooden posts, zinc sheets for roof and siding, and windows and doors and frames for the windows and doors. This initial effort just got the several hundred people out of the rain. It did provide a proper decent home, no matter the size.

CPX-019.jpgNow the long term work of people building begins. We have established relationships with many of the people. We have worked beside them the last 8 days to build trust. Now we want to invest in their lives and into the community long term. We would love to see every family have a "beautiful shack" with a floor and beds and stoves for cooking and a fridge for keeping food so it does not spoil.

CPX-018.jpgOne friend recommended simple Wendy houses. That would be a huge blessing.

Please pray about sponsoring a Wendy house for a family would you?

To see more pictures from Red Hill click here.

Thank you for your love and support!