The months seem to be flying by in a blur.  We've been here almost 19 months now.  For most of that time I've seemed to constantly be running around just to trying and keep my head above water.  To say it's been busy would be a gross understatement!

We've just had a week in the African bush.  It's been heavenly.  I feel as if I've finally been able to take a deep breath!  The warm, dry climate - the stillness - the wide open space - the gorgeous sunsets - all have been so refreshing.  Even Sossy, our dog, seems to have a new lease on life!

During the busyness of these past months, there has been so much I've wanted to write about.  I'm going to attempt to still do that.  There's never a dull moment, day, week, month here!

One of the things that's become very evident to me here, it that this has truly become "home" to us.  When you make such a big/major/halfway-across-the

-world move, well, you wonder if it will "work."

Almost immediately it "felt" like home.  When we moved into our own place and then unpacked our stuff, our memories - we were surrounded by home.  Now it feels like we've been here forever.

It is a wonderful testimony to us doing the possible (we moved), and God doing what seemed impossible (even away from family, friends, the familiar - it's home).  He is so faithful!

Home is where the heart is, and I guess my/our heart is here now.

"God gives.......a home."   Ps. 68:6