Growing Older

One of my "heroes" is a lady named Lura Garrido.  She was Floyd's secretary in Amsterdam many years ago.  Lura speaks Spanish and was very concerned for the Spanish speaking prostitutes in the Red Light District where we worked.  She asked Floyd for half a day a week to minister to those ladies.  Then she needed a day a week, then 2 days, then.......she went full-time working with them.  She eventually planted a church among the converts.  That church has grown to become quite large and is thriving.  She went on to plant churches in other cities as she led more women to the Lord.  Lura is now 89 years old, still living in Amsterdam, still pastoring/mentoring, still vibrant, still going strong.  She's such a wonderful example.  She's truly a hero for me!  What a wonderful, Godly lady.  Someone said, "what we weave in time, we wear in eternity."  Lura is going to have some beautiful "garments" in heaven!!

I recently turned 60 - the big Six-O!  I told Floyd he's married to an old woman now.  :}  A friend told me that 50 is the new 30, so I guess 60 is only 40 - so actually I'm not very old yet!  The amazing thing is my mind still tells me I'm about 25!  I'm not sure how all that works.  I guess whatever season of life we're in, attitude makes all the difference!  I want to still do so much.  It's just some days my body can't keep up with my head!

I actually don't mind becoming older.  I've found that as the years add up, God's faithfulness multiplies!  I love thinking of His goodness, His faithfulness, His provision, all the answers to prayer.  What an absolutely wonderful, fantastic God we serve.

I've decided to enjoy my age.  With great glee I got my first "senior discount" this past week!  I always love a bargain!  I couldn't wait to tell Floyd about it.  One of my friends encouraged me that I'm now in a season when your kids and grandkids begin to tell you you were "right" about things.  I look forward to that!  :}

Birthdays, especially the big ones, are a wonderful time to reflect.  I've been thinking that growing older isn't a time to coast, but to climb.  I want to keep moving into all that God has for me.......which, hopefully, will include many more years here to serve Him.  I trust my best years are still to come.  I want to die young at an advanced age someday.

"They shall bring forth fruit in old age....."  Psalms 92:14