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Chapter Two: "Obedience"

"The transformation that we cannot bring about in ourselves, takes place in and through Jesus; through His extraordinary obedience of dying on the cross. I’m are not speaking of ordinary transformation, like transforming a house through the renovation of one room. I am speaking of an extraordinary transformation, the entire house being torn down and rebuilt. This extraordinary transformation impacts our reason for living and being. It gets to the heart of who we are. The obedience Jesus wants from us is motivated by His profound desire to set us free from our hiding places and false comforts to be who He created us to be.

To be transformed, an image needs a living, true object; Jesus is both the object and the means of our transformation. He longs to reshape us at the core of our being, to reach deep inside us and break away the veneer of plastic reality we have built around ourselves. The change which we cannot bring about in ourselves, takes place through Jesus – who comes to live His life in us. This is good news!"

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