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It is these things I am afflicted & oppresed with; yet the wisdom of God orders them for my good. They keep me from trusting my heart. They convince me of the insufficiency of all inherent righteousness. They show me the necessity of depending on Jesus.They press me to pray. They show me the need to watch and be sober. And provoke me to look to God through Christ to help carry me through this world - Bunyan


The beginning of the year saw us leaving on the 28th December to explore Angola. We attempted to cover as much territory as possible in the time available, seeking God’s face for church planting opportunities.

We explored the Cuanda Cubango province in the south.Throughout much of the 1980s and 1990s, Cuanda Cubango served as the location for the primary base camp of Angola's UNITA rebel movement. It was hardest hit during the war years.What can we say...
•Angola is a difficult country to enter and travel in (see above pic).
•Most of the villages have a church.  The province is highly evangelized. Although in these remote areas the adage, “In Africa the church is a mile wide and a foot deep” applies.
•There are countless opportunities for service…sport, reconstruction, education, health care, agriculture, as well as opportunities for church strengthening.
February saw the start of this year's church planting school with 45 students from around the world. Their outreaches headed into Africa, going to Zambia,
Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia as well as our local areas of Ocean View and Masiphumelele. There are some amazing stories to be told.


Namibia: To continue what has already been started. Building into the communities there through sharing the Gospel and starting discovery bible studies. When:    November/December 2010 Where:   Namibia – Rundu Length:   3 weeks


A trip to our All Nations bases in these countries.To build into the communities there through sharing the Gospel and starting discovery bible studies. When:    1st Jan 2011 - 16th Jan 2011 Where:  Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe or Livingstone, Zambia


To build into the Muslim communities there through sharing the Gospel and starting discovery bible studies. To encourage and strengthen what already has been started. When:    6th Nov 2010 - 4th Dec 2010 Who:      Open, approx 10 people Where:   Island of Zanzibar off the Tanzanian coast

Malawi-Mozambique Expedition: Exploratory trip into the south eastern parts of Malawi and northern Mozambique.This trip is in preparation for future ministry trips; to determine what is on the ground in respect of unreached areas and people and for possible future involvement. 

When:   9th Nov 2010 - 30th Nov 2010 Who:      2 vehicles, approx 8-10 people Where:   South eastern Malawi and Northern Mozambique


Should you be interested in joining or supporting any of these mission trips or would like further info please contact us at All Nations - intoAfrica, on our email:  or visit the All Nations web site:

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