Three African Mighty Men of God

These three young men are some of my newest hero's. They left two days ago from Cape Town on a faith journey to a distant African land to be and to bring good news to Muslims. If you think of Paul the apostle returning to visit the new churches that he started, then you have an idea what these 'mighty men of God' are up to. Two small, simple communities of new followers of Jesus came into being a few months ago. Now these men are going back to encouraged their new brothers in Christ. This expedition into Africa is their initiative, their faith and their planning and courage. They are putting the first ten verses of Luke 10 into practice.

They are being guided by the IntoAfrica team of All Nations, but they are ones who heard from God and are stepping out to obey Him.

Please pray for Valentine, Abel and Moses. They are being joined in a few days by Lucas and George. They are the fruit of our efforts here in Cape Town. Not us alone of course, but we can point to them as men we have been privileged to help train and impact for Jesus. Others have also made deposits in their lives... but isn't that the way it should be!?

Thank you for your prayers and your partnership.

With gratitude,

Floyd and Sally