Specific Prayer Brings Specific Answers and Specific Glory to God!

Below is a letter from one of our leaders - i am including it for you to get a feel of what is happening here in our lives and in our work in Cape Town, South Africa. The Lord spoke to me at the beginning of the year to "build my church". I felt the impression that it is a year to establish our "church of simple churches" in greater strength to be an apostolic resource church for movements to Christ to be ignited in Africa, the Middle East and India.

There are 43 small groups of seekers being discipled in what we call D-Groups (or sometimes we call them "discovery Bible studies"). It is from these disciple making groups that new churches are born and leaders are discipled and equipped. For example, I meet with a group of young Malawian leaders each Wednesday night for training from the book of Acts.

Our vision is "Jesus worshipped by all peoples of the earth". And our goals are three fold: making disciples, training leaders who in turn ignite church planting movements to Christ. Notice what is stated in the letter below: specific prayer brings specific answers and specific glory to God... wow, that is a great invitation to pray and worship God. May He receive more glory!

Thanks for your prayers! We believe it is a year of breakthrough!

All Nations Cape Town is buzzing with many exciting developments!

An assessment of our work in the communities of Masipumelele, Red Hill, Ocean View and Bo-Kaap has given us insight into what God has already done and what we are still believing Him for. Many words have been spoken that this is the year of breakthrough, so please stand with us that we will have the breakthrough the Father wants!

Recently I felt a calling on our Red Hill team to pray more specifically for the breakthroughs that we want to see. I felt that if we pray specifically, we will get specific answers and then God will get specific glory. It be clear that he is the one who answered the prayers! If our prayers are too general and vague, we can't see God's answers that clearly. So because we want Him to get much glory we want to pray specifically for breakthroughs in Red Hill and the other communities.

In total there are now around 43 D-groups all over the 4 communities we are working in. 9 of those are in Red Hill.

A D-group is a group of people who are gathering consistently with us for Bible study, but the majority of the people are not yet baptized believers. We're counting around 12 churches in All Nations church, including the simple churches our long termers are gathering in - such as our team! The way we count a church then is when a group of people love Jesus together, are baptized and enjoy communion together. A healthy church love God together (worship and prayer), love each other (pray for each other, serve each other with spiritual gifts, forgive each other etc.) and join God on his mission to see people come into the kingdom (share the gospel, pray for and reach out to their neighbours and family). We're believing God that our 9 D-groups in Red Hill will become churches by the people being born again and being baptized. Another important factor for healthy church planting is to raise up of local leadership in these groups. This will require leadership training and mentoring.

Please pray with us this year for breakthroughs!