All Nations Zimbabwe Update

The grace of God at work in devastated Zimbabwe! The language is flowery but from a trusted friend who trained in CPx.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus,

On Monday the 7th of February during my quite time I heard a knock on the door. Swiftly, I sauntered towards the door. I opened it with such curiosity to know who had blessed me with an early visit without making an appointment or just buzzing to apprise me about such an unexpected visit. Standing outside were 2 ladies in their thirties Prudence and Stella not their true names. I invited them in and made some breakfast for the visitors. They were extremely ravenous that they guzzled mugs of tea and gobbled a loaf of bread in less than 3 minutes. Before I asked them to share what made them to come to my house, Prudence dived into the crux of the matter. Bla Munya I got a situation that is bothering me, I am a professional prostitute in this town. I have seen some of my clientele succumbing to the deadly pandemic HIV/AIDS. We buried one two days ago whom I was cohabiting with. I don't want to go back to the pubs and nightclubs any more. I need Jesus to deliver me bla Munya. I have seen you doing bible studies around and many people have found Christ for themselves. I'm enthralled in this diabolic act and I have no joy. I asked my friend to accompany me to your house. Stella too echoed the same sentiments. I was flabbergasted when Stella said she slept with an average of seven men during the day after which she would roam the streets at night. No wonder why one elder from a renowned church came to my place crying. His entire congregation volunteered to go for HIV tests and guess what, 95 % are HIV positive. The pastor and his flock are now pointing fingers at each other. I spent some time with the two night ladies sharing testimonies about how the Lord has transformed their former workmates in the same community. No one is too far gone. The one who brought you here is gracious and compassionate. His arms are wide open to embrace you and change your lives completely. They said yes to Jesus.

Not long after their visit, I went to their so called house to have a bible study with them. On arrival to their house I saw a scantly dressed woman relaxed on a makeshift bed in a single room demarcated by pieces of cloth into various compartments. Men frequent the house day and night, take some time inside and leave. One can be pardoned for thinking that the place houses a barbershop, given the number of men taking turns to go in and out of the dwelling. When Prudence heard that I was standing outside, she uttered on top of her voice “bla Munya give us 2 minutes, we are dressing up” It was around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Hey ladies we are having a bible study outside, bla Munya is here, she invited them. I was surprised to see a couple ladies and men coming out of the house. What is the time one fellow guy asked. I took a glance at my watch and it was already 20 minutes after the hour 2. 20 minutes past 2 I answered. Oh I must report for duty at 3 o'clock but its now late, he phoned his employers telling them that he was not going to make it. Good. So I had a bible study with all of them and Prudence played a major role. When I told these ladies to desist from evil doings because they are so special in the eyes of God and that they can dignified ladies and gentlemen who live for Christ and make a huge impact in our community . They wear a generous smile, a smile that exposes one or two front teeth. They were shell shocked to hear such a remark, not even their parents had ever said that. The Lord's move in Chinotimba is inevitable and His word is becoming the epitome of our community. Prudunce and Stella are leading bible studies. Those who made a commitment to follow Jesus will be immersed soon.

On the other end, we saw a shebeen turned into a house church. Divas and others who got baptised a few weeks ago, invited their friends for our Sunday morning house church. Last Sunday was our sixth meeting and the number has been escalating. 22 men showed up for the house church . Most of them were intoxicated though and it took a brave man to endure such pungent and malodorous smells. His presence prodded 9 people to Jesus. I'm excited beyond words to see how these guy are committed, each one of them wants to lead. When I shared the vision to these guys they grasped it. I take a lot of joy in discipling them, walking with them, dreaming with them, visioning with them, praying with them going forward. The Lord remembered the folks who had no dreams at all, theirs was just imbibing beer and smoking. Three gentlemen gave us some powerful testimonies on how the Lord has infused peace into their families since the day they made a commitment to follow Jesus. They now see their wives as their partners and not objects. On the other side of a coin a lady who is in her forties gave a testimony that her home is now flooded with joy, Jesus has turned things upside down inside out. Her husband used to beat and scold her every day but the Lord brought that which was missing in their home. You got to see some of the amazing things happening in this our beloved community. The Spirit is moving.

Munashe and the other students are being used in splendiferous ways. They started 5 Discovery Bible Studies at their school . He is now a shining star in the community. God is raising an army. Godfrey, Caleb, Kelly, Charity, Elseworth, Doreen, Perseverance, Masiziba, Mkandla, Bridget, Raphael, Clive, Future and many more are on fire. Keep us in your prayers

Let me at this juncture, say thank you for your unwavering support and your unending supplications for us. We are making it Green again,



All Nations Zimbabwe