Explosion of Simple Churches

This just came in via email. . .from Steve Addison's blog Movements.net Hi Steve Here is just a glimpse of what God is doing in our region impacting thousands of Assamese Muslims. We are expecting another batch of believers (1400 approx) to be baptized within the next few days. ‘This is one of the ‘ insiders movement’ and David Garrison is coming to interview a few of them as discussed in Chiangmai meeting recently. Blessings PC I’ve just met with team members based in north India. After three years they have see over 2,000 new simple village churches started by the workers they have trained in partnership with local leaders. No one gets paid to plant churches. They help cover the cost of just the training. The vision is for a church in every one of 45,000 villages. I met with some workers who after fifteen years were finally forced out of a Communist country in SE Asia. New believers were jailed, some just disappeared. One church leader has only just been released after 12 years imprisonment. Yet the gospel spread from person to person, family to family, village to village. No paid clergy. No seminaries. Just ordinary believers learning to follow, love and obey Jesus one step at a time.