Is Jesus the Only Way to God?


Is Jesus the Only Way to God?


1. Jesus is a unique and special revelation of God to humankind. He loves all peoples and will reject no one who comes to him sincerely. God welcomes every person to seek him and to pray to him. He lovingly draws every person to His son, Jesus Christ.

2. Jesus did not come to start a religion called Christianity. He came to stop religion, not start it. Religion is what people do to gain God’s favor or approval in their own way. Jesus is God's way of seeking for people, to offer His acceptance and forgiveness to them

3. There are many ways to God, but they all lead to's as if there are many roads to the top of a mountain, but when people arrive at the top of the mountain, they find Jesus waiting for them with open arms.

4. God will not judge people for rejecting a Jesus they have never heard of.

5. God judges people on the basis of what truth they know and what they do with it. God shines truth into every human heart, and then watches to see if people respond to that light. Those who follow the light they have, are given more.

6. God is a loving and just. The Bible speaks of God as the judge of all the earth. Abraham said about God, “Shall not the judge of all the earth do what is right?” God knows the hearts of all people. We can trust him to judge people justly and truthfully.

7. God has revealed aspects of himself in every civilization and every culture. It is as if there is a shadow that falls on every religion and civilization, and when one follows that shadow, it leads to the person of Jesus Christ.

8. Jesus made claims about himself (recorded for us in the New Testament), claims that are so unique, that if they are not true, then Jesus cannot be dismissed as a good man gone wrong, but more like a deceiver or deranged mad man. Either he is the truth, or he is liar or a myth created by others.

9. Jesus has revealed himself in such a way that no one is forced to believe him or obey him, but for those who sincerely want to know if he is who he claimed to be, there is sufficient evidence to know he is the Son of God.

10. If you want to know for yourself, the best way to be sure is to read about his life and teachings in the New Testament. If you seek to know him sincerely, and are willing to obey Him, God promises to reveal the truth to all those who seek Him.