Why I am against American intervention in Syria

1. We are not the world's police. America cannot and should not seek to police the world's moral and military problems. There are even more serious cases of oppression and cruelty in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Darfur, and North Korean - where does it stop? 2. Jesus' command to be peacemakers applies to governments not just individuals.

3. Many more innocent people will die.

4. It will enlarge the war that is now spreading to other countries in the Middle East. It will draw Iran more deeply into the conflict, and could cause acts of violence against other nations.

5. It will hinder the spread of the good news of Jesus.

6. It will further endanger the lives of indigenous believers in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.

7. It will disrupt and bring disrepute to thousands of missionaries, Christian aid workers, church planters and pastors who serve in the name of Jesus.

8. It will make America and it's actions "the issue" rather than the atrocities committed by the Syrian government.

9. It will increase hate and fear instead of love and faith for Arabs and Palestinians; people will take sides against those we are called to reach with the good news.

10. Syrian refugees are suffering. The attention of the world should be upon those that can be helped In the refugee camps. There are 1.9 million Syrian refugees, and almost 1,000,000 of them are children!! While we debate about America's actions the poor continue to suffer.