Reframing Our Mindset About Problems

REFRAMING OUR MINDSET ABOUT PROBLEMS Problems are opportunities. The trick is to reframe your perspective from one of solving problems to appreciating an opportunity. You have to shift your perspective from inside (your church/business/school/synagogue) to outside, (how visitors/members/students/clients) perceive it.

It means asking those you serve how they want to be served, not how you have grown accustomed to serving them. How do your customers experience your business? How do students perceive the learning environment you have provided? How do members and visitors enjoy the life of your community?

The common approach to problem solving is a simple three-step approach: 1. Identify the problem 2. Outline possible solutions 3. Define the way forward from there

The problem with this approach is just that: it is a “problem” oriented approach.

Rather, search for what is working well for those you serve, and build on life, not on difficulties. What do people appreciate? What is life giving to them? What is working well is what needs to be expanded and improved, not what is not working.