Update After Round Four


Dear Faithful Intercessors and Friends, When I went in last week for chemo, they said my blood work showed my numbers were too low to do the treatment. They wanted to do the blood work again that morning. I sat waiting for a couple hours and finally "passed." My neutrophils were a bit below minimum, my white cells just above.....so they let me have the treatment. The chemo has been moving along successfully, so I was hoping not to break the rhythm!

I also got some good news from the doctor! I had done a CT scan the day before. It showed a slight improvement in the right kidney we've been praying for that wasn't functioning because the large tumor had blocked it. That is encouraging news! Please keep praying for a full miracle of restoration.

I've been through hard times physically before. I can even say now that I'm grateful for them because walking through them has given me "tools" for dealing with this hard time. But I have to say that cancer is a different beast.......in a league of its own! It affects every part of the body. It impacts the mind and emotions. It touches on the heart - the spiritual realm because it's dealing with life and death. It impacts relationships - some people have a hard time dealing with it themselves so they don't know how to relate to me. It is so all consuming!

Because of the impact on every part of my life, I've sometimes felt like I'm broken into lots of pieces......and I'm just trying to keep it all together. A friend sent me the photo and definition that I've attached to this update. Kintsukuroi pottery......more beautiful and very costly for having been broken and repaired with gold or silver. As I pondered and prayed over this photo my friend sent, I heard the sweet voice of the Lord saying I would come out of this season more beautiful than before. In fact, that's what God wants to do in all our lives when we go through the difficult seasons. The hard time is not the end! God is using the difficulty to make us more like Him with His gold repair work in our lives. The piece of pottery is beautiful....more so for the gold worked into it!!

As you know, Floyd is away for 10 days. I was quite concerned about how I'd do without him. I have become so dependent on him. We're half way thru his time away. His trip has been good - we'll share news when he returns.

One day while Floyd's been away I was thanking the Lord for the sweetness of His presence. I felt I could almost touch Him - He felt so close. In that moment, I realized that "aloneness" is an illusion that the enemy tries to burden us with. I can't see the Lord, but I'm not alone. He is so with me!!! And because of Him, every moment of my life is good and meaningful.....even these chemo ones that I don't like.

AND - I've done well this round while Floyd has been away. :) Your prayers have been carrying me.....and have been answered. Thank you!

With our love & gratitude, Sally & Floyd