Seven Ways I Turn Creative Ideas Into Action

I get a lot of things done.  But I've had to learn to work effectively in order to do so.  I've learned to let things go undone in order for my dreams to turn into reality. I'm a visible leader, so people have expectations of what I should do.  I've learned not to be the prisoner of those people's expectations.

I have also learned that busyness is not the same as effectiveness.  The point of this post is not to write about how much you can get done, but about knowing how to turn your dreams into reality.

How do I do that?

  1. I let new ideas bubble up as they come.  I get creative ideas on walks, in meditation times, and when I'm talking to others, in lots of ways actually.  If an idea "hangs out" in my mind for a while, then I journal about it.  I let my mind imagine and dream about what could happen.
  2. I share my ideas with other dreamers.  There are some people who are "can't-do" type people, and there are others who are "can-do" people.  Can't-do people can kill not only a good idea, but the joy of creativity in the early stages of dreaming.  We need them, but at the right time.
  3. I'm a person of faith, so I share my ideas with Jesus conversationally.  I believe any good idea is inspired by the greatest creator of all.  So I seek His advice.  I ask Him to give me wisdom, encouragement, and fresh perspective to help me look at an idea from different angles.
  4. If the idea/dream keeps growing in my heart, I continue to journal about it.  I make a list of pros and cons.  It's at this stage that I ask the "can't do "people for their reactions.  This is the time to listen to them, as they are great at helping me think through the loopholes, weaknesses and false assumptions regarding my new idea.
  5. I keep three lists of ideas: first, a list of ideas and dreams for "some day" off in the future; then I also keep a list of dreams/ideas I want to do soon; finally, I make a list of creative ideas that I want to get done right away, or as my friends in South Africa say, to do "now now."
  6. I share my dreams as they grow with change agents and key leaders.  I invite those in places of power and influence to be a part of the decision to turn the idea into an action plan.  I am careful to distinguish between what I am sharing with them for their input, and what I am submitting for approval.
  7. I recruit others to help me do it.  I sell them on the idea, engage them in the process, and start turning it into a reality one step at a time.