10 Habits of Highly Effective Small Group Leaders

They are positive and encouraging They pray for their members

They are a servant facilitator to others

They keep the group looking outward to reach others

They contact members of the group regularly

They mentor an apprentice leader

They plan fun times together

They are vulnerable and approachable

They are learners with everyone else

They don't dominate discussions with their opinions

Working With a "Second"

A few thoughts...about working with "seconds" - number two leaders: - choose seconds to start with who share the same vision and values - share your big dreams and ideas with him/her and ask them how to see dreams happen, ask for advise for next steps, then don't pull sudden changes once you've done that - "blow a steady note on the trumpet of vision" - stay steady and stable... no sudden outbursts or radical shifts; to do that damages trust - you lean into their strengths - take the "strength finders" test together - with your wives...very important to hear objectively what each others strengths are, gives you common language to talk about yourselves - you ask for their help in how to work as a team - what would they like as a team? what are their dreams for a team? - commit to serve their growth to the next level - ask and find out how to serve them, on their terms not yours - honor them publicly - acknowledge your weaknesses - you don't do all the talking - don't use anger to get your way - don't attack them or put them down when they hurt you or let you down - they're not perfect - "fellowship" your problems, i.e., have a cup of coffee weekly to chat things through. that also prevents problems happening - pursue him/her when there is conflict: don't bury it and move on, don't withdraw - don't use "blame" as a coping tactic when you are frustrated with their weaknesses - don't spiritualize conflicts on the team: learn good, honest communication skills but don't blame the devil - talk about what he/she can do to appeal to a higher authority if you sin and don't repent - celebrate victories together!