Does God Have a Preference for Our Next President?

My wife asked me just a few minutes ago, "Does God have a preference for our next president?" I told her, "I don't know but I sure don't like it when some people act like they know".

I love these thoughts from Charliesays.It. Very thought provoking.

"Hope can be found in a human being – God’s children wanting to place their hope and trust in human form is nothing new. The desire to make a man king began in I Samuel 8 and hasn’t changed. It’s always easier to see and therefore believe a man will better protect and provide for us.

The other side of this belief produces fear: If “God’s man” is not in office, God’s plan and purpose can be hindered. Nothing is further from the truth. Matter of fact, from a national perspective, God has probably used more secular kings to bring about His will then sacred: Abimelech, Pharaoh, Hiram and Herod to name a few. God’s Word is clear:

He appoints kings and presidents – Romans 13:1 He appoints men that do not know and even oppose His way – Jeremiah 27:5-15 World rulers have always opposed God’s direction but cannot stop it – Psalm 2 Here’s another false notion:

God has an American agenda – Jesus is not an american. His agenda is not political but eternal. Remember His conversation with Pilate (John 18:36)? For this reason I am extremely careful when it comes to watching the news and listening to the radio. Republican, Democrate or libertarian: All argue for an earthly kingdom empowered by a seductive spirit of this world."