All Nations Team Held by AK-47 Wielding Angry Father

I just received a message that one of our All Nations teams in the Middle East was held against their will for several hours by a very angry father carrying an AK-47. Why? Because he found a Bible in a gift box given to his 8 year old son. The team has been doing food distribution among Syrian refugees for several weeks. We helped distribute 100's of food parcels and gift boxes, and though we don't normally give out Bibles or tracts to children of refugees without their parents consent, it happened this time by accident.

The father is an Iman (leader of a mosque), who came with some other angry men and closed and locked the team in where they were staying. Fortunately, one of our senior leaders was there on a visit and was able to talk peacefully to the Iman. Things calmed down, he released the team, and then when was asked for the Bible back, he refused. "It's mine Bible now", he said!

The gospel works in some amazing ways!