News From Sally

HOME!  There's truly nothing like it. :)  I'm very grateful for hospitals and the care we can receive, but I'm also really glad to leave them!  And I am once again so very thankful that the Lord had organized our circumstances to be moved into a 1 level home (instead of our previous 3 levels) when this happened!  I can't believe how perfect His timing was!  I literally thank Him every day!!!

With a little pressure from my side :), I was able to return home 2 days ago.  Having more control over my diet and environment has been a boost to my recovery.  Nurse Floyd is on duty and doing a good job.  We "celebrated" our 45th anniversary while I was in the hospital.  Not my choice of how to celebrate all those wonderful years, but Floyd made it special for us. :)
I am so very grateful for the love and prayers I've received.  There were so, so many times in the hospital when I sensed I was being "carried" by the prayers of others.  Thank you!  One of my favorite verses during this time has been Deut. 33:12 - "God surrounds him all day long.....and rests between his shoulders."  I have been aware of His presence with me continually.  At the beginning of the year, the Lord gave me a word for the year - "rest."  It's not taken quite the turn I'd thought, but I'm getting some rest.
With Floyd's 2 cataract surgeries this year, and my knee replacement, we feel we're getting replacement parts to keep serving Him.  :)
    I would ask for your on-going prayers.  Here are a few specifics:
-  I have heard of people "sailing" thru their knee replacement surgeries.  That is not the case for me.  I am having a hard time bouncing back.  Maybe because I started from such a "low" point beforehand with the painful months I've had, I may just be catching up now......but I still feel quite low.
-  I am needing fresh strength and courage for the physical therapy/rehab weeks.  I am told that if you don't gain good mobility in the first 2 weeks (in terms of bending the knee), that you won't regain it.  My knee is still very stiff, and I'm having a hard time getting the muscles and tendons to co-operate.  Floyd is helping me with my exercises, and I have a therapist coming to the house twice a week starting today.
-  My body is not normalizing as quickly as I'd like.  In particular, I battle almost constant nausea in spite of medication.  That one thing seems to under-mind everything else I'm doing.
While in the hospital, I met 2 ladies who were returning home alone after their surgeries and some time in step down care.  Their situations felt so alone.  It made me thankful again for our "family" around the world and our All Nations family here in Cape Town who love us, pray for us, and stand with us in these situations.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  A foretaste of heaven indeed!!
With love and gratitude,
Sally & Floyd