God at work in Maximum Security Prison

In this picture on our home page is Maritsa with two guys I ministered to in the maxium sercurity prison in South Africa. I have been asked by the guys if I would baptize them shortly after Sally and I arrive in South Africa!!

Another one of the men we met in the prison, Sebastian, has had severe health problems. This note from Maritsa (a social worker who ministers in the prison) explans more:

"The guys are doing really well on the spiritual side, but both Sebastian and Earl are not so well physically. Sebastian's a-plastic anemia has flared up again with his platelet levels being dangerously low. This means his back onto all the medication again to try and prevent him needing to be hospitalized and given a blood transfusion. It sounds like stress could also trigger the levels dropping so that's probably what happened since his parents and sister all started up their drinking and shouting habits again the last few weeks. It was really disturbing him (and he had to take care of some responsibilities re his sister's baby that they were neglecting) greatly and he actually went to stay at an aunt's house for a couple of nights to get away. Last weekend his condition got worse to the point that he lost consciousness for a while and had to be taken to hospital overnight to be stabilized, so now it seems everyone got such a fright they're sober again since then