Trusting Jesus in Nepal

Below is a very encouraging story from one of our team leaders in Nepal. It is a fascinating insight into how God has led him to tell the story of God and his love through an art medium called "Thankas."

Pasang is an older woman who comes from the same village as Dolma. For years she has had questions that the Buddhist lamas have not been able to answer concerning life and religion. These unanswered questions caused her to want to search in other places to find the truth. At one point in her life she heard about followers of Jezus but she didn't know anything about it. Although she had wanted to find out more, her husband and her family were very much opposed to that, even threatening her if she would pursue it further. So she continued to live a life of unfulfillment. Wondering if she would ever find answers.

Six months ago Pasang's husband died. Because she never had children and no longer had a husband, she was told by friends and relatives that she should go live in a Buddhist monastery. But not wanting to do that, she said, "Why should I go there? I still have my hands. I can work." She then decided to start a small restaurant and began looking for a place to begin again. On one visit to Boudha someone told her about a place where there was an empty room that she could use to start her business. So three weeks ago she moved into our neighborhood and opened her restaurant.

Right away, Dolma recognized her and began to talk to her about all the amazing things that God has been doing in her own life. Dolma shared about the peace and love that she now experiences in God, and the joy that has transformed her life. When Pasang shared her own story and told Dolma of the restlessness that she has had, Dolma said, "God brought you here so that you could find Him." Pasang responded immediately with the desire to learn about Jezus. She is so hungry to know more that she comes to our house every day and also spends much time listening to Dolma share her own testimony of the transforming power of the God of love.

"Thankas" are the name of the Buddhist art form that is used to tell the story of Buddha. We have commissioned about 30 Thankas to be done to tell the story of the Bible. The Thankas have had a very deep and profound impact on Pasang and all those who see them. As she has seen and heard the stories of God's creation, the fall of man, the tower of Babel and others she has finally gotten answers to questions that have been haunting her for years. She says that the stories on the Thankas are so clear that she knows that she is hearing the truth for the first time in her life. She said, "Why has no one shown our people these Thankas before? They are so true and right. All our Sherpa people need to see these. They need to know the truth." Right now, as I am writing this, Pasang is in our kitchen using one of the Thankas to tell another young Sherpa girl, Chimi, one of the B'ble stories that she just heard yesterday.