Vision Casting

By Floyd McClung

Guidelines for sharing your vision with others.

1. Make sure it is clear in your own mind:

Why, how, who will do this, results expected.

2. Share it with change agents first.

Win over the key decision makers before you go public.

3. Tell your vision passionately

If you are not excited and convinced and committed, will others be?

4. Paint a compelling picture with words.

Stir the hearts and minds of people to mobilize them to work together.  Vision precedes reality. God uses visionaries to stir people to action by creating a picture in their minds of what can happen.

5. Share your vision consistently.

Changing from one vision to another creates confusion and lack of credibility. Trust is lost.

6. Proclaim your vision as widely as possible.

The vision should be given visibility.  Cast it on TV, radio, from the pulpit, in newsletters, via video, on audio tape. CD, etc. Use slogans, banners and brochures. Drive it home to your staff, board, friends, family, leaders, and supporters.

7. Share your vision painstakingly.

Sharing vision takes time, effort, sacrifice. It requires planning and effort, with continuity and repetition. It must gain trust through consistency and perseverance. It must be perceived as more than a pipe dream.  It takes ruthless determination, unswerving dedication, relentless tenacity, and honest evaluation.