The Blessing of Grandkids

Grandkids 4We've just spent a delightful week with our grandchildren - Kezia, age 4 1/2 and Luke, age 3. To have 2 darling kids running towards you with arms open wide yelling "Grandma! I missed you." - how can you not love that? They are both so cute and winsome, bright, eager to learn, funny, and huggable. We are getting ready to say goodbye, and I'm sure there will be some tears all around.......South Africa is a long ways away!!

Grandkids 3I can't help but think what a gift and miracle these 2 little ones are. The doctors said Misha could never have children after her long illness - and then Kezia came along. We rejoiced in her life. Then, when Luke was born and we almost lost him and Misha, we and the doctors knew it was a miracle that they survived and that they didn't have any permanent brain damage. The doctors have said that their story will go in medical books because it's never happened before. Many of you prayed, for which we are eternally grateful.

I have only to look at these 2 beautiful faces to have worship and gratitude well up in my heart. God has been so good to us! I've thanked the Lord repeatedly these last days for the miracle of these lives.

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