Of Birds and Nests

As we have begun the search for where we'll live here in South Africa, I have found myself frustrated/discouraged/anxious at various times. Houses to buy are expensive. Houses to rent are small and expensive. I miss my cute, cozy, little house in Grandview! I keep telling myself that God has it under control and that He has a plan. I need to be patient and keep looking to Him. The "nester" in me wants to find my "nest" and get settled. I'd especially like to have a place so that our furniture can go directly in there when it arrives. We've been told the ship will dock on Christmas Day. That's a nice Christmas present. :}

Yesterday morning I was looking out at the deck (we are house-sitting for a friend right now) and saw 2 birds - a male and female. They both had something green in their mouths. I thought at first it was a big leaf, then I looked more closely and saw it was a big green grasshopper.......breakfast! I was struck by the thought that our Heavenly Father was caring and providing for them. I immediately knew He was saying to my heart that He would do the same for me.

"Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow a nest for herself." Psalms 84:3

I'm sure God has a "nest" for us here in our new country!