Learning to Live in South Africa

nicefloydandsallysmall.jpgThe picture of Sally and me was taken last week while we speaking at Harvest Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We had a great week. We also got to know Ray and Cwyati, a lovely couple who are praying about becoming part of All Nations.

Sally and I are loving South Africa. We spent this week doing the practical things we have to do to live here. One of our adventures was going to the very famous Department of Home Affairs to apply for a permanent resident permit. That are some horror stories floating around about how long, hard and difficult it is to go through the red tape at Home Affairs. In fact, the week before there was a fight between some officials and someone who couldn't take any more delays. Chairs were flying and people were throwing punches in the waiting room!

floydsallyandfriendssasmall.jpgWe also visited the ship handlers to start the process of clearing the container bringing our furniture through customs. The manager was a believer who had read some of my books. They gave us a very warm welcome and made us feel at home and certainly in very capable hands. The container is scheduled to arrive on Christmas day!

The rest of the week has been spent looking at houses to rent. Houses are very small here - our home of 2000 square feet in Kansas City is considered a huge home here, on the luxury side of things. Pray we will find the right home! We would love to have a home office for both Sally and me and extra space for guests and entertaining.

Thanks for your love and prayers!