Miracles Come in Lots of Ways!

We recently submitted our application for our permanent residence permit to the Dept. of Home Affairs here in South Africa. There were a couple of significant obstacles to this process. Because of these obstacles, there was a possibility that the application wouldn't be accepted into the system for processing now. As it is, it will take 12-24 months for the process. If we had to wait to submit the application, it could take several years. It seemed like the Lord put us with just the "right people," and our immigration lawyer had such wisdom in saying just the "right things." In only and hour or so we left the office with our application "in" and the process started! It was truly quite amazing. When we looked at the crowds and lines, we knew we had just had a miracle! (A week earlier some people had become so angry and frustrated with the difficult process, that a brawl had broken out!)

Our next stop was the shipping company that is organizing our furniture and belongings coming into the country. We received word a week ago that the ship carrying our container will arrive on Christmas day - a nice gift. :} When we walked into the offices of the shipping company, a manager greeted us and introduced himself. He had read some of Floyd's books, and said he would do everything he could personally to make the process go smoothly for our belongings to clear customs and be delivered to us. This can be a difficult and confusing process. The Lord sent us a "man of peace" to help us along! Another wonderful miracle!

"....I will make straight all his ways." Isa. 45:13 God has been doing that in truly miraculous ways! We are very grateful.