What Was Lost Is Found

On a recent ministry trip to Port Elizabeth, on the Indian Ocean coast of South Africa, I lost something.  It wasn't a valuable thing, but it was very special to me.  It had sentimental value, and I had worn it for many years.  It was just a small, inexpensive, not very significant to most people thing.........an earring.  But I was just "sick."

I didn't cry, but I felt like it for days.  I looked and looked.......had our friends in Port Elizabeth look......and no earring.  I wondered why it "hit" me so hard, and why I felt so sad over something so seemingly trivial.

As I was praying about it one day, I began to get understanding.  We have gone thru so much change in the last few months - in fact, for the last couple years.  I guess my heart was beginning to get overwhelmed with it.  The small, simple, little earring was the symbol of all that has been "lost" - things that we have laid down, given up, and left behind.

I was able to pray into these things, and come to a deeper level of peace and security in my heart.  It was actually a very precious process and time of communicating with the Lord.  My heart was strengthened.

But I still missed my special earring that I wore very often.  A couple days later, I found it!!  It was caught in the lining of a piece of clothing that had been in the same suitcase with my jewelry.  The tears I didn't shed when I lost it, I now shed because I found it!

I've always believed, and taught, that God cares about every aspect of our lives.......that nothing is too small or trivial to bring to Him.  The awesome God, creator of the universe, cares about me, my daily life, the ups and downs I go thru, and all the little details that are important to me.  This was just another personal, very special example of that.  It made me love Him even more.

I know God rejoices over the lost sheep that was found (Luke 15:3-6) - something of great value!  And I kinda think He rejoiced with me over finding the lost earring.......and what He did in my heart in the process......too.