Searching for a Home

A week ago I wrote to quite a few friends about a possible house for us to rent or buy here in South Africa. We asked for wisdom and guidance about a particular house. We received a clear answer the next day. The owner of the house we were interested in called us and said she wanted more money, so we said no thanks. We were disappointed, but we had asked for God's direction, and we trusted that he was guiding us. The day after that we heard from two of the people we asked to pray with us. They said they didn't feel at all peaceful about that particular house, so that encouraged us.

I feel very conflicted searching for a comfortable house when so many people in South Africa live in tin shacks. But when I pray I feel God's pleasure and peace, especially when I pray with Sally in mind. Sally is on a journey with the Lord about which home we live in. She takes this process very seriously and has a deep sense of God's desire to provide a home she likes and can live in happily for years to come. I agree with her.

She has prayed for years for the opportunity to live by the water. Sally grew up on an island so it would mean a lot to her to have that blessing from God. She doesn't make demands of the Lord. She is not testing God in any way. Just honestly expressing her heart to her Heavenly Father ( to follow Sally's journey here in South Africa please visit her page on the tab above - her most recent entry about God's care for the "little things" will give you insight into her heart, and more importantly, insight into God's heart for the "little things" in our lives).

We would like to find a home that we can rent with an option to purchase, a home that we can live in long term. Actually, we would like to purchase a house now, but we don't qualify for more than a 50% mortgage until our permanent resident permit is granted. So that means renting.

Unless God does a miracle