We Speak the Same Language?

Whenever we've moved to a new country or location, I've learned that there are always cultural adjustments.  I was expecting that in our move to South Africa.  But I am surprised at how many English language adjustments we've had.

I was grateful in our move to Cape Town to know that English is the predominant language spoken here.  Some parts of the country speak mostly Afrikaanse, and in the smaller towns there are many tribal languages spoken.  I've never been good at learning new languages, and at age 58........well, let's just say I wasn't jumping up and down at the prospect of starting over and learning a new one!

So, knowing we would be speaking English was a relief and blessing.  But here I am, in English,  learning a "new" language.  Here are some fun examples:

- robot: a traffic light

- waitron: the new p.c. word for waiter or waitress

- to let: for rent

- lounge: not a sleazy bar, but the living room in the house

- braai:  to barbeque

- bond: a mortgage

- garden: the yard

- is it?: instead of "really?"

- wendy house: a small shed in the yard

- scullery: a "2nd" kitchen for washing the dishes

- bakkie: a truck

- just now: later

- taxi: a minivan crammed with, seemingly, as many people as possible

- lilo: an air mattress

- pleasure: "you're welcome!"

I'm sure there are many more.  I'm discovering new ones every day.  Please pray for my learning of this new language. :}

Sure makes you glad that God understands us all!!  "The Lord has heard......!" Psalms 6:9