Similar, But Different

Living in South Africa now, I've found that many things are similar......yet they're different.  There are still traffic jams - but they're on the left hand side of the road.  Floyd is doing great at driving on the left.  I'm still adjusting!  One very big difference is the unusual items, or large quantities of items,  you'll see strapped to the top of cars.  It sometimes looks like a whole household of furniture, boxes, mattresses, or animals are on top of a car.

There are grocery stores, but things have different names - or they're in a very different place in a store.  Several times I've thought I was buying one thing, but it was actually something quite different.  I looked and looked for poppy seeds one day, and was finally told they are with health food!

There are similar looking electrical appliances, but they have HUGE plugs.  I'm talking 3 or 4 inch square plugs!!!  And then there are 2 sizes of prongs on these huge plugs.  I seem to always be searching for the right plug and right place to plug in.

Many homes have a pool, but they're quite small.  They're called "splash pools."  You jump in and splash when it gets unbearably hot!

We live in a valley - and the clouds keep changing directions.  I'll look out and see them moving east.  Then, an hour later, they'll be moving west.  It's confusing to me......I just hope the clouds know what they're doing.

The home where we're house-sitting is near a game reserve.  It's fun, but very different, to look out the window each morning and see Cape Buffalo, Impala, Blesbuck, and other African animals.  I love it!

The money, of course, is different.  I'm still getting used to all the coins.  Once or twice when there's been a long line behind me, I've just held out my hand and let the clerk take the coins that were needed.  That seemed easier than having the people in line behind me all irritated as I tried to figure it out.

Similar, yet different.  All these different things sure make me glad that "God is the same yesterday, today, and forever."