It's winter here in the southern hemisphere.  Well, technically, it's still autumn - but we've had lots of "winter" (read cold!) days.  We've also had many pleasant, sunny days, so it's not all bad.  But the weather has turned, the nights are definitely cold, and my 'used to central heating' body is going through some major transition!

I've been told I'll be a true Cape Tonian when I've survived my first winter here!  I think I may need to increase the prayer support.  I'm used to living in cold climates (blizzards in Afghanistan, cold/wet weather in Amsterdam, snowy Colorado, ice storms in Kansas City), but the big difference for me here is the lack of heating.  I must confess that I puzzle over that concept.  I find it hard to function/work/be sweet when I'm shivering and watching my breath in the air.  I just want to curl up in a ball (like our dog Sossy) and try to keep warm.

Some homes have fireplaces.  Our home-to-be doesn't, but we would like to build one in.  Some people use electric heaters.  Many, I'd say most, don't.  I was with some friends recently in very cold weather.  We were all bundled up and the topic of conversation was how very cold it was.  As I walked through their home, almost every window and many outside doors were wide that's another concept I don't understand.  I'm told it's to have fresh air.  But, hey! that fresh air is freezing cold!!!

We're still house sitting for a friend here.  During the very first cold spell I was going to light her fireplace.  I wasn't quite sure how the flue worked, and Floyd wasn't home, so I decided I'd better wait.  When Floyd came home, he found a dead pigeon stuck in the flue.  Thankfully I escaped the aroma of roasted pigeon in the house!

Our winter clothes are still mostly packed away in our boxes (hopefully we'll unpack those in Aug.), so I'm keeping warm by layering.  Some days I look a little roly-poly doll, but it works!  Floyd says I'm an angel when I tuck the hot water bottles in our beds at night.....I do miss my electric blanket!  I guess I've been pretty spoiled by some of these creature comforts.

All in all, I'm very blessed and can't complain.  I'm living in a lovely home, I have a roof over my head, I have clothes to wear and food to eat, and a dog and husband who love me.  I'm just praying my blood will quickly thicken up for the winter here!

"While the earth remains.....summer and winter......shall not cease."   Genesis 8:22