Do you ever feel overwhelmed and don't know how to respond to the masses of people in need? We find comfort in these amazing words. May they guide and strengthen you today as well,

Floyd and Sally


My child...I've often heard you question...and this message is my
answer...hear Me well:
You're concerned about the hungry world, the millions who are
starving... and you ask,
"What can only one do?"

*feed one*You grieve for all the unborn, children murdered,
every day...and you ask, "What can only one do?"*save one*

You're haunted by the homeless souls who wander
city streets...and you ask, "What can only one do?"

*shelter one*

*You weep for those who suffer pain, disease and hopelessness...
and you ask, "What can only one do?"

*comfort one*

Your heart aches for the lonely. the imprisoned, the abused...
and you ask, "What can only one do?'

*love one*

Remember this my Child...two thousand years ago,
the world was filled, just as it is today, with those in need...
and when the helpless and the hopeless cried out to me for mercy,
I send a Saviour....

*Hope Began...With Only One...

*B. J. Hoff