George.....and friends!

George.....and friends!

I recently had quite a surprise when I looked outside on the living room deck and saw a large baboon walking along the railing. I had heard of "George," as he's called by everyone in the neighborhood, but this was my first time to "meet" him. Baboons normally move around in large groups called troops, but George had gotten into some kind of trouble and was dismissed from his troop. He now travels alone.

I called Floyd to come see George, and by this time Sossy, our dog, had spotted him too. She was barking furiously while pawing at the door trying to get outside. George just sat and looked at her while munching on berries he'd pulled off one of the bushes. He obviously didn't feel threatened at all by this barking house pet!

This week we were visited by the whole troop of baboons. Fortunately, at the house where we're living, all the doors and windows were closed. They only managed to get into the outside garbage can and scatter rubbish all over the yard and driveway.

But, later in the afternoon, they visited our team house! They walked right by one of the girls who was sleeping on the deck - and headed straight for the kitchen. They made quite a big mess while enjoying a container of homemade muesli. Then they headed for the guest apartment over the garage and caused more havoc there. They surprised a mother and her 4 children! The toddler spotted one of the baboons and said "doggy." The mom took the children and left.......while the baboons checked out the fridge. They ate 20 eggs!!

I love having guests and visitors, but I hope these "visitors" don't come back too often!

As I've said before, every day is an adventure when you live in Africa! You can never tell what might happen next.

"And God made.....everything that creeps upon the ground." Gen. 1:25

By Sally