A Day of Miracles

We've had some pretty big things we've been praying for recently - both personally and for our workers.  We've needed to see some "impossible" things happen!

A family has been making plans to come from Germany to join the ministry here.  Although the Home Affairs department in South Africa had granted their visa, the embassy in Berlin repeatedly refused to issue it.  The flight they were booked on was leaving in about 48 hours.  They needed a miracle!

A short term team was working in Masiphumele, one of the townships nearby.  In a split second, the bag with all their camera equipment and other valuables was stolen.  They needed a miracle to find the thief and retrieve their things before it was all sold to buy drugs.

We were scheduled to get the keys to our new home on July 1.  We've been anxious to take possession and do some renovation work before we move in.  We'll have been in "transition" for 15 months by the time we unpack our boxes.  I'm very ready to "settle."  Unfortunately, we've had a nation-wide strike of government workers going on for a number of weeks.  There was a backlog into May of transfer papers being processed.  The lawyer said it was absolutely, 100% impossible for the papers to be issued by July 1.  We needed a miracle!

We prayed, friends prayed and in a matter of hours we saw all 3 impossibilities become possible!

The family went personally to the embassy in Berlin, and, after much discussion, were issued their visas.  They were able to catch their plane as scheduled.

Some of the local young men found the robber and retrieved all the stolen items.  The thief had planned to sell the whole bag for 100 rand/$14!  It was a miracle that he hadn't already sold them, and that we found him!

Then the lawyer emailed and said she didn't know what happened, but our transfer papers were processed.  She was stunned!  They were still waiting for the ones from May to be processed, and ours went through!  It was an incredible miracle.

God had definitely been at work in answer to those prayers!  We won't soon forget our day of miracles!!

"It is time for the Lord to act."  Psalms 119:126