On the Edge of the Kingdom Among Rastafarians in Cape Town

God is doing some amazing things through our people as they serve on the edge of the Kingdom:

Baby Safe project for abandoned and unwanted babies: Bethany has been meeting more people about  "baby safe" project. She has been really encouraged by the feedback and advice received.  Her desire now is to have a drop off place staffed.
Child headed households: We are doing a survery to confirm how many child headed households there are and how we can serve them.

A Man knocks on the door and asks to know more about Jesus: Tim had someone from his street come to his door Tue. night asking to be saved!  Tim was really encouraged by the man's desire to "have what Tim had".  He wants to get plugged in with the rest of us that are working in Masi also.  I think that is really encouraging for Tim and also for Jeremiah, who has really been praying for that street.

Meeting with Rastafarians: From Stephen Taylor, one of the team members: "Jonathan and I had a great meeting with the Rasta's on Tue. night.  I felt that we had built a strong enough relationship with them that I could be more bold than I would normally be, and we shared openly with them.  I challenged the leader of the group to ask the Almighty if Halal Salassie really is the Christ.  He believes in the Holy Spirit and His power to teach us, so we ended the meeting praying that God would teach us the truth.  I am confidant that he will come to the right conclusion." PLEASE PRAY FOR THE RASTA-MEN!

Xenophobic attacks against refugees taking place all over South Africa: Our workers are meeting with different refugees and foreign workers in South Africa, including Zimbabweans, Malawians and Somalians and have built a relationship with them. LAst night some of them came to us for help because of attacks against them.

Simple church during the week: Two of our CPx students, Jonathan and Jeremiah, had a great time with a guy who was really discouraged that he wasn't able to 'go to chuch' because he works on Sunday.  They discipled him and empowered him to start his own church.  He is friends with people from a number of different countries, which makes his potential to be a example to others even greater.

Floyd and Sally
All Nations
Cape Town, South Africa