Good News From Red Hill in Cape Town

I am so excited to send you news about our ongoing work in Red Hill. We are deeply encouraged. The report below is written by one of the students who attended our leadership/discipleship program. Take a few moments and be encouraged with us, will you?


Floyd and Sally

"These last two weeks we've felt so humbled and honored, like Jesus said, "These fields are ripe for the harvest! I sent you to reap what others worked for. They have done the hard work, you are reaping the benefit of their labor." With the same enthusiasm that we saw for getting the nicest shack and filling it with the best stuff, people are hungry for Jesus! About seven house groups are meeting now! Also, Nick + Paula + I (Liana) are finally moved in to Red Hill! We felt we must move in and believe that "all these things shall be added". Specifically, we're hoping for electricity, beds, and warmth to be added at some point...

A few highlights:

red hill tile_web_small.jpg+ Paula has been meeting with a woman named Namandla. (Floyd wrote briefly about her- a shabeen/bar owner before the fire, she realized that God still loved her when she saw the skit that some CPX students did.) She's gathered her friends and is excited about leading the bible study! She's had such a revelation of God's grace towards her and is getting a vision to share/pray for her friends and neighbors. Paula meets with her before the bible study and helps her prepare.

+ David, the notorious drunkard, has renounced the drink!! Late last Thursday the Spirit of God spoke to him. We sat with him as he prayed to ask Jesus to help him quit drinking, then exclaimed, "There will be no more drinking for me!! You will come to my house and study the bible, and soon I will be the one leading it!" God plants his vision in his people.

+ Shepherd, after hearing the story of Zacheus and how his heart changed just by being with Jesus, pressed Alexander, "It seems like there's a difference between believing in Jesus and in following Jesus. Tell me about it." After presenting the basic gospel, Alex asked if they'd like to consider these things for awhile. Wonderboy said emphatically, "I need this change in my heart NOW. I don't want to wait until next week." Shepherd agreed. "I want to follow Jesus now."

PS Thank you for your love, prayers and financial support for Sally and me. We are very grateful!